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Sensei Prince is the real deal! He is firm in tradition, honorable, and supportive. I myself have developed a setback but Sensei Prince with his positive, infectious, motivating, can do attitude always sits in the back of my mind.
The atmosphere at The Shugyokan Dojo is like a supportive family always willing to help you learn, to refine, to be better than when you walked through the doors at the beginning of class. I can go and on but unless you go in and try it out for yourself you just won't understand. --  John E.

Shugyokan dojo is filled with the most amazing instructors and staff, I could never say enough about them. Utter professionals, experience and knowledge that more than exceeds expectations. Aside from all of that, these are wonderful human beings that are the kinds of role models anyone could ever hope to have for their children. Don't let the humble location fool you! Students are spoiled in the riches they receive in the training from their teachers. --  Mell C.

Trained here for years before I moved. Excellent experience, very good instruction and a friendly community of people I still keep in touch with even though I'm far far away. I wish I could teleport so I could still train here.

--  Taylor A.

When I started my journey in martial arts many years ago, I was literally hopping from one dojo after another.  I was  dismayed about the over-priced , upsell this and buy that hard sells. I  somehow stumbled upon the Shugyokan and thinking that this karate school is probably just like any dojo and dojangs I've visited.


I was surprised that this school does not do contracts or sell ranks at all, truth to be told, your rank must be earned not sold.  The training is both hard for adults as well as for the kids. These school without a doubt has produced kids who are now into adulthood become fine outstanding citizen.  I've been training here since  2002 along with my son who started when he was 18 months old.   --   Robert G. 

I had a great initiation into karate, but I felt something was missing. I needed more than a destination. I needed a visible path and someone to guide me. I found it at Shugyokan Dojo with Sensei Prince and his instructors. You get the whole package. On top of getting an incredible cardio workout every class, I learn the bunkai within the katas. I get to practice them and spar with other students. Feedback is given so you can improve and avoid getting hurt. The tradition, history, and art of Okinawan karate is alive here. You will learn more than karate; you'll learn about yourself.  --  Michelle M.

What sets the Shugyokan Dojo apart is no doubt, the heart and soul of the Dojo; Prince Loeffler Sensei the head Instructor. A typical training night at the Dojo feels as though you might have accidentally enlisted into army training camp in which you are being prepared for the battle of all battles, all while Loeffler Sensei somehow makes you forget the words "can't" and "hard" with his extremely cheesy humor.

The reason I have come back week after week (besides maybe a little masochism) is that there is always a great vibe and camaraderie among the students and also with the other black belts known as "Sempai" all of whom obviously take great interest in each and every student, to the point of expectations high above that which one may have for themselves. It is obvious that Sensei Loeffler not only expects nothing but your best, he truly has faith that he can bring it out in you.

Other Dojos may seem more formal and traditional than ours, but ours is a family, there is a definite hierarchy and respect is given to seniors not just because it is a requirement but because it is earned from example. Of course etiquette (Reishiki) is of upmost importance in every aspect of students conduct, inside and outside of the dojo. I feel that karate has helped me grow tremendously as a person.

What kind of benefits can one expect from joining the Shugyokan Dojo? Besides the obvious advantages of exercise and self defense, much depends on how much you put in. The process of earning belts will test the resolve and perseverance. If you want easy, you've come to the wrong dojo. If you want what most people can't teach and to push yourself beond your limits, you've found it. I will always have a love for Karate grown from the passion of the teacher."   - -  Sarah M.

My kids absolutely love this dojo. The atmosphere is family like. Awesome Sensei and Sempai all around. When we go it not just a class we are going to it like coming home. Anyone who trys doesn't leave. They stay. Highly recommended dojo.  -- Kristina H.

I highly recommend Shugyokan Dojo to anyone. Not only they teach you the true art of karate, your child or yourself will build a positive attitude and self esteem. They don't look at your size, color, ethnicity or age. They look at you as a person who is willing and determined to learn and build his or her self esteem and trust. Prince Loeffler Sensei and Robert Garcia Sempai are amazing with both children and adults. They have the patience and the passion to teach no matter how stressful their day is. The students are their number one priority. They treat everyone the same and like family and leaves no one behind. The students love them. We are proud to be Shugyokans.  --  Pele M. 

Shugyokan is the BEST karate dojo period! My daughter started training last July 2015 and so far she competed in 2 tournaments and won 3 medals and a trophy already. Sensei Prince teaches traditional Karate style and this dojo is directly recognized in Okinawa - where Karate started.
Don't worry about the fees... it is very affordable compared to other dojos. I highly recommend that you just try it out and you will experience the best traditional karate training... ever!  -- Jeric D

Best dojo ever!! Highly skilled black belts teaching all ages the art of karate. It's fun to watch as a parent and the teachers are kind. So happy I found this dojo!!!


--   Luke B.

Sempai and Sensei are awesome and very supportive to all the children. I love that they are dedicated to training and teaching them to be leaders and good role models. Keep up the good work!!!  - -  Ty F.  

A very nice sensei,,nice person,nice,teacher.... great class,great attention, attended, great  --     Ingrid G.

 Sensei Prince Loeffler and his dojo of students who are like one big welcoming family are part of one of the best martial art schools in California, if not the best in my humble opinion.

I have been involved in martial arts for 35 plus years as a student and teacher and I couldn't recommend Sensei Prince Loeffler and the shugyokan Dojo highly enough for children and adults to learn authentic traditional karate at its finest, the way it was meant to be taught.

If you're interested in learning traditional karate for self defense, discipline, health, family atmosphere and much more, do yourself a favor that could literally change your life for the better, go talk to Sensei Prince at his dojo about learning Karate, it could be one of the best decisions you ever make for yourself or loved ones.

Lee Lollio, 7th Degree Black Belt and Founder of Bo Jin Tao International.

Honored  Dojo Guest

Love going to this Dojo everyday and training with the best Sensei and Sempai. 


--  Jheylen D  (  6 years old )

I have been a proud member of the Shugyokan dojo since 2007 Sensei Prince Loeffler has been a mentor and an inspiration to me since I've joined, and it's my second home.


The training at the Shugyokan Dojo is hard, many times taken to a point that you will feel that you will collapse. If you go to a class you will see everyone warming up before it begins as we do not warm up in class, it is meant to be intense.


Katas are done with full power and intent, kihon is long and will leave you shaking until the next drill. We had some "Black belts" that have come from other styles have been carried out for air (one has even vomited). Those of us who stay for more than a month develop deep friendships sometimes referring to ourselves as a dojo family. 


While our training does not revolve around tournaments, we have all done them and our dojo continuously impresses, (yes we win tin metals). We have guest instructors from various karate ryu-ha as well as other martial arts who will add to our art and show us that we are a practical dojo. -- Isaac M.

Simply put, there are so-called martial art studios & there are legitimate "Dojo" - like the Shugyokan. Sensei Loeffler has maintained the quality & integrity of the Shorin-ryu karate he teaches. Hybrid, progressive & freestyle schools only teach what is popular or flashy not tried & true Okinawan karate. If you want real skills & a martial arts family for a lifetime, look no further than the Shugyokan.


--  Ed Smith, 5-Dan (Black Belt)  Shito Ryu Shukokai

     Honored Dojo Guest 

My kids have been going since 2014 and it has helped them so much with self esteem. We love the dojo and the families that attend. Prince is so good with the kids and every understanding. The dojo is part of our family.. Best thing I've ever done for my kids... Thanks Prince.     ==  Brandi L. 

If you are looking for a great Dojo for you or your children, this is the place. Traditional Karate at its best! Sensei Loeffler provides great instruction and great opportunites for his students. I am one of many instructors that Sensei has exposed to his student's. Traveling from New York to teach at this dojo, I have to say the quality of the students is outstanding. I highly recommend you study here!!


-- Jerry Figgiani,  8th Dan Matsubayashi Ryu 

    President   - Shorin Ryu Karatedo International

I have been a member of the Shugyokan dojo for about 5 years now. I have learned so much! Best dojo around !  I don't mind driving 1 hour to attend classes  ==  Alberta M.

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