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Frequently Asked Questions

The Shugyokan offers instruction in the classical karate from  Okinawa speciffically Matsubayashi Ryu Karate-Do to sincere, stable people of good character. Our dojo is NOT a commercial school and we are under no obligation to accept anyone as a student.


We strongly recommend that you take the time to read all the information regarding our dojo here online.  The next step is  to call us and set up an appointment to come to our dojo to train   Please note that we don't DO a "sit-in" or "interview" appointment.  It is a complete waste of time chit-chating about karate.  We rather have you experience what we do.    On your appointed day, simply show up in your work-out clothes.  Please bring your own water. 




Important: Read me First

Q:  What Style of Karate Do you Teach ? 

A:   Matsubayashi Ryu


Q:  Is this a Legitimate Style of Karate  ? 

A:   Yes,  we are listed on the  Bugei Ryūha Jiten (武芸流派辞典), 

a listing of legitimate martial arts styles from Japan & Okinawa


Q:  What age do you accept students ? 

A:   We accept them from ages 3 years and up


Q:  Do you have Long / Short Terms Contracts

A:   Gasped !  ... No Way ! 


Q:  Do You Charge for Mudansha Belt Promotions & Certificates

A:  Yes at extremely low rates! 


Q:  Do You Charge Association Fee's ?

A:   No !


Q:  Do You Charge "Processing  or Registration Fee"  ?

A:   We have no Idea what that is , But the answer is No !


Q:  Do You Charge for Training Manual and Video  ?

A:   Training E-Manual and Kata Videos are given to students FREE


Q:  How much Do I pay to Start ?

A:   You simply pay the  " First Month + Uniform ( $30- $45 )  


Q:   Do I have to buy other equiptment such as sparring gears  ?

A:   Since the  2020 Pandemic , we can longer provide all student  loaner gears   You can purchase the required sparring gears  at low cost -  See sensei for more information.

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