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Mission Statement

The ultimate objective of the Shugyokan Dojo is to achieve the unity of body and spirit through the spirit of Oshi Shinobu, which means to push oneself to the limit of one's ability and yet be able to continue to persevere under pressure during the rigors of training.  Students of the Shugyokan Dojo are taught the non-quitting attitude of striving against all odds on the road to physical, mental, and spiritual strength.



We believe that forging the body is also to forge the mind. The practical and philosophical aim of the Shugyokan Dojo is to bring the mind and the body together as one. We cannot concentrate the body without concentrating the mind. Conditioning our movements to the correct standards of execution require tremendous physical effort and concentration of will. To truly develop Karate we must call upon our deepest resources as mastery does not come in a day, a month, or a year.

Shugyokan Dojo Karate training demands that we overcome discouragement and discipline our emotions in the face of fear, only then can we begin to analyze what it means to commit to a pathway until success is assured. This dedication brings with it a sense of integrity where ethical action and moral certainty naturally evolve within a practitioner. The pathway of inner development that grows from the study of this science is called Shorin Ryu Karate-Do.


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