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Real Karate- Real Tradition

If your instructor insist that your karate's lineage traces back to greek god Apollo  and Leonidas !   Run like your feet is on fire ! 

Blatant Misuse of Karate-Gi

Written by David Lowry, A popular thread posted in E-Budo forum caught the attention of Dave Lowry Sensei.  It a hilarious look at people who thinks nothing of karate uniform use  other than a billboard

Dark Side of  Supotsu Karate

When Budo is removed from the virtues and path of karate-do. 

Tales of the Two Sensei

A child in karate never fails, Only parents.  The helicopter Parenting.

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How To Spot Fake Masters & Karate Styles

Simple ways to spot these karate charlatans and the wannabes a sensei in your neighborhood.   Learn to protect yourself.

Verifiable Listing of Real Karate Styles

A list based from many documented resources and Authors  such the  Bugei Ryuha Daijiten, a listing of martial arts systems put together by Watatani Kiyoshi and Yamada Tadashi.

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Your Child In Karate

What exactly is your child learning in karate ?   Singing kumbayah in circles while holding hands in NOT karate training. 

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